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Creating a Green Work Environment

?Green? is a word that has become synonymous with environmental sustainability and/or earth friendly products, services and businesses. When used in a business context it identifies a company or organization as being aware of how consumer activity impacts our world and is taking the necessary steps to lessen their carbon footprint or negative environmental impact. More than ever, consumers choose to spend their money with businesses that identify themselves in some way as being "green." Because of this new demand, consumers are relying on directory websites that identify these businesses, and offer a way for these businesses to clearly identify themselves as a green business. Asheville, NC has become a city that has embraced and helps to empower the new wave of green business ventures. Along with organic markets, community cooperatives, and sustainable cottage industries, the JBA Network has created the Green Business Association, a free certification and directory service that identifies local, as well as, national and international companies who have made the commitment to helping our environment.

Going green might seem like a big step, and you might be unsure of where to begin. A good first step in transitioning to a green business is to create a paper-minimum or paperless office environment. The average US office worker uses approximately 12,000 sheets of paper per year; a large portion of this is not saved long-term, but handed around and then thrown away. Instead of printing multiple copies of a single document, you might consider emailing the document or posting it on a company intranet repository. When collaboration is necessary on a report or other company document try using a word processing program that allows you to track changes instead of putting your the old fashioned red pen to a paper document. [stats from: ]

By eliminating the bulk of your paper use, you will be cutting down on the waste that is harmful to the environment, and saving money at the same time. When you do need to print and keep documents buy and use recycled products that have a high post-consumer content. And don't forget to recycle the paper that comes into your office, like catalogs, envelopes, paper bags, etc.

You can find more tips on creating a paperless work environment and other ways to go green by visiting Once you have made the commitment and have taken the necessary steps to become a green business, you can add the Green Business Association's Green Business Seal to your website. This seal shows your customers that you are an environmentally conscious and green minded company! Your business will also be included in the upcoming online directory of North Carolina Green Businesses, which will include your company description and contact information.

Email Marketing An Effective Green Marketing Solution

At JBANetwork's MyNewsletterBuilder, we strive to provide our customers with green email marketing solutions. By using email instead of other marketing vehicles, you're saving paper, ink and toner, and the fuel emissions from distributing them. And, what's more, when you're sending out targeted email to your subscribers, you're not wasting energy sending out unsolicited email. That's right... even sending and receiving email creates carbon emissions. In fact, 33 kilowatt hours of energy is wasted each year on the sending, receiving, and filtering of spam email. In layman's terms, that's the same amount of emissions created by 3.1 million cars burning 2 billion gallons of gasoline!

So many activities, even the sending of email, has some effect on the environment, but when you use opt-in email campaigning and deliver a high quality email content to your recipients, you'll be doing great things for your business, your customers, and, most importantly, our planet.

Maximize the Full Potential of Your Website with SEO

If you were placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, you'd probably be as specific as possible so you could most effectively reach your audience, right? Think about your website in the same way- as a tool you should optimize for your audience so you can get the maximum amount of business from it. And optimizing your website for your audience is of no use if they never see it -- which is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

Regardless of how great your product or service is, it will be of no use to anyone if no one finds it, right? When you've come to this conclusion, hiring an experienced, effective professional SEO company should be next on your list of priorities, and the experts at BuzzSEO are happy to offer a free consultation on how you can optimize your website for search engines. Boost traffic to your site, increase sales, and watch your business grow via our proprietary analytics software. In an online where 87 percent of users click on the first page of search engine results, don't leave your website's success to chance.